Our Services

RealProperty Transaction Centres Inc. provides home buyers and sellers with all the necessary services they require to close their Real Estate transactions.

Our team of experienced professionals working with our Network Lawyers perform the following services:

  • Provide information regarding RealProperty and all our SafeClose inclusive protection services.
  • Give you complete written quotation and all other closing costs. (i.e. Land Transfer Tax)
  • Confirm representation by one of our Real Estate Network Lawyers- via phone, fax, or email.
  • Offer you a no cost Lawyers’ review of your agreement.
  • Offer you a no cost Lawyer’s review of the status certificate (condos only)
  • Send you our Home Buyers/Sellers package and client information questionnaire for your completion.
  • Co-ordinate and follow up all required documentation with the realtor, mortgage lender, purchaser, and seller as applicable.
  • Keep you aware of any outstanding issues.
  • Process all the necessary documentation.
  • Prepare and check mortgage documents.
  • Perform searches and any additional legal inquiries as required.
  • Review statement of adjustments to make sure you are not paying more than your share of taxes, utilities, and other bills.
  • Arrange Title Insurance (purchases only) to ensure you against loss or damage suffered as a result of title defects such as liens, encumbrances, fraud, un-assessed taxes etc.
  • Finalize and deliver your file to your Lawyer for review and execution by you.
  • Follow up with the Lawyer to confirm client contact information in order to arrange for convenient appointment to remote sign documents and to inform client of monies required to close their purchase.
  • Follow up with your mortgage lender for closing funds.
  • Prepare all cheques and accounting for certified cheques and wires.
  • Deliver/wire closing funds to sellers’ solicitor via courier/bank wire to ensure closing and registration of the transaction.
  • Register the new deed and mortgage with the Provincial Land Registry (lawyer).
  • Arrange for you to pick up keys at the most convenient location or with a property’s lockbox.
  • Send you final report containing deed, mortgage, and Title Insurance documents etc. to you at your new address.