Closing A Home Sale

Your home closing service experts!

RealProperty SafeClose™ Helps Sell Your Home Faster, for a Higher Price and with No Hassles

RealProperty Transaction Centres and SafeClose provide an exclusive and unique bundle of closing and insurance services that can help sell homes faster, for higher prices, and protect against unforeseen closing delays.

RealProperty provides unmatched Home Closing services and a completely transparent, convenient, and stress-free experience from start to finish.

SafeClose™ provides unique insurance coverage that protects the insured against almost any inevitable problem that can occur during a real estate transaction.

RealProperty SafeClose™ Home Systems and Appliance Warranty and RealProperty SafeClose™ Home Closing Insurance* Bundle are provided Complimentary to Resale Clients and are Offered through a Registered Insurance Broker: Martin Merry & Reid Limited.

 The RealProperty SafeClose™ Home Systems 6 months coverage protects against the high cost of repairs due to unexpected breakdowns. This coverage is transferable to the Home Buyer at closing for the balance of the term and may be Renewed or Extended.
 The RealProperty SafeClose™ Home Closing Insurance* provides coverage for irrevocable extra costs resulting from unforeseen delays or failures in your home closing. To qualify, confirmation and documents must be received within 20 days of the firm date.
 A “Sign Rider” can be displayed on the for-sale sign and a description of the coverage can be added to MLS Listings, Feature Sheets, and Classified ads to attract more buyers.
 RealProperty's Unique Value-Added Services provide a Complete FixedCost™ Written Quotation, the RealTrac™ state of the art file tracking system, which is key to completing and closing transactions on time, a Lawyer’s Review of Purchase and Sale Agreements and Status Certificates (Condo), and much more.

RealProperty SafeClose VIP Home Sellers Package Provides up to $35,000** In Total Complimentary Protection Coverage.

$795.00 +tax FixedCost™ Closing Package Price

Does NOT Include:

 Reg’n of Mortgage Discharge
 Courier Charges
 Conveyancer Charges
 Levies and Taxes

RealProperty SafeClose™ protects against irrecoverable extra costs resulting from unforeseen closing delays and breakdowns to Home Systems and Major Appliances.

For a no-obligation written quotation and no surprises Call 1-877-219-9618 ext.331

Price match Policy: RealProperty Transaction Centres will match any competitors' comparable total closing package written quotation for services.

Includes the SafeClose™ Home Systems Warranty Plus Home Closing Insurance**
The following is a breakdown of the expected closing cost for your transaction. Additional charges may apply if it becomes necessary to deal with matters which are not usual to a standard transaction

  • Sample Quotation
    Processing Cost $795.00

    (Includes legal fees, phone calls, preparation of 1 mortgage discharge plus 6 Months SafeClose™ Home Systems Warranty + Home Closing Insurance)
    Electronic Conveyance Fee $130.00
    Law Society Levy $65.00
    Courier $50.00
    HST $135.20
    Registration of Discharge $77.62
    (include tax*) * reimbursable if the bank registers within 90 days from closing*(include tax*)
    Total $1252.82
    ($1175.20 with refund)

*To qualify for home closing insurance, we must have a firm and binding agreement & signed retainer within 20 days of the firm contract.

RealProperty Has Always Been First!

RealProperty Has Always Been First!

 First, to include the RealProperty SafeClose™ Home Systems + Appliance Breakdown plus the RealProperty SafeClose™ Home Closing Insurance Bundle
 First, to provide every client with a complete written quotation for services
  First, to provide a No-cost Lawyer’s Review of Purchase and Sale Agreements and Status Certificate (Condo)
 First, to offer Clients after Hours, Weekend, and in-Home Signing Appointments
 First, in Client Convenience and Satisfaction
 First, to provide Home Warranty and Home Closing Insurance Protection that give Clients Real Peace of Mind.

Price Match Policy: RealProperty Transaction Centres Incorporated will match any competitors’ total closing cost written quotation for services. Plus, we will include our R-Close™ Remote Video Conference Home Signing Service, at no additional cost.

First in Realtor Benefits

Speed Matters

First, to the courier and /or direct deposit commission cheques

Additional Assistance

First, to offer realtors no-cost seminars, legal updates, and lawyer’s help

All together now

First, to keep realtors in the loop and act to protect all parties

*Refer to the policy wording for terms, conditions, limitations, and exclusions. **Total limits for all coverages added together. For individual coverage limits, refer to the policy. Canadian Home Shield SafeClose™ is a Trademark and Brand Name used by Permission and Licenced to Martin Merry and Reid Limited. SafeClose™ is Underwritten by The Sovereign General Insurance Company. Price match policy is offered by RealProperty Transaction Centres

DISCLAIMER: No Legal Advice Provided This is a promotional document for RealProperty Transaction Centres Inc. And is intended to provide only general information to our clients and the public. RealProperty Transaction Centres Inc. Is not a law firm, and its employees and agents are not acting as lawyers in any capacity. The information contained in this promotional document does not constitute and should not be construed as legal advice.