Realtor Offering to Home Sellers - Warranty Agreement

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We have made it easy for Realtors to offer Potential Home Seller Clients the added value coverage of a one year, Home Systems and Appliance Warranty in return for entering into a Listing Agreement. Just complete and email the form below to deliver the offering and comply with Regulatory requirements. Once you have received Client Acceptance by return email you can proceed to complete and execute the Listing Agreement
* Available in Ontario only, coming to other Provinces soon.
* All client information is confidential.

Realtor’s Offering to Home Sellers, The Canadian Home Shield SafeClose 12 Month SafeClose Home Systems and Appliances Warranty Coverage up to $15,000

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Home Seller Client(s):

who have or are about to enter into an MLS Agreement dated 2024-06-24.

for the sale of a residential property located at

in the City of

with a Canadian Home Shield SafeClose Account Holder Sales Rep./Broker

Representing Brokerage

In return the Client(s) will receive at no additional cost and in addition to their usual Real Estate Services provided by the Realtor.

The following products and services will be provided to the Client(s) and Paid for by the Realtor when this Transaction is FIRM and Binding.

1. Client(s) will receive a 12 Month SafeClose Home Systems and Appliances Warranty, that provides up to $15,000 coverage transferable to the Buyers at closing for the balance of the term. This Exclusive Protection can be Advertised on the MLS Listings and feature sheets and has shown to help sell homes faster for higher prices because it gives Home Buyers peace of mind.

The Total Cost of the warranty for this coverage will be paid by the Realtor named above on behalf of the Home Seller Client(s) after the Home sale is FIRM and Binding. Should the Home closing transaction fail then the cost of the warranty will be refunded to the Realtor. Otherwise, the Total Cost of the Warranty is non-refundable.

The Administrator of these products and services branded and marketed under the Canadian Home Shield SafeCloseTM name and logo will contact the Clients within two (2) business days after receipt of a copy of this offering and will explain the coverage of these warranty products and provide and answer any questions.

Client Consent